They were excellent in every respect. Friendly, efficient, forthcoming with information and good about cleaning up at the end. It was a huge job, but they went out of their way to bother us as little as possible.

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Company Response

We greatly appreciate you taking your time to write a positive review. It was a pleasure working for you and glad we could be of service.

All the best-Darby


They have good deals on the internet, and the delivery was prompt. However, six months into using it the drain stopped working. Since it was within the manufacture's warranty I thought I was covered. However, I had misplaced the receipt. When we asked Anik's if they could issue a duplicate, they said that it would cost $50 and that I would have to drive up to pick it up, since they would not mail it.

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Elie urged me to write a review immediately, but I'm glad I waited. He seemed great at first, but the problems emerged afterwards. I phoned him right after the job to ask about a minor problem with the toilet. He was defensive and immediately started in on why this could not possibly be his fault, and would only offer to take a look at it for an additional fee. Luckily the problem cleared up. A few months later a leak started from the cold water valve leading to the sink. He had used an old, beaten-up valve that fit poorly. It cost hundreds to have it fixed, all so that he could save a tiny amount on a new valve.

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Company Response

Dear Carmel,
Im sorry I had sounded defensive, we stand behind our work and this is the first negative feedback we have gotten. The toilet was fully functional after the install and the problem cleared up after discussing over the phone what should and shouldn't be flushed down the toilet. I'm very surprised that your existing valve leaked which we did not install! We are not responsible for parts existing in your home and we only use brand new material.

Elie Yaacoub
The Plumbing Expert