Great at selling you new products. Not so good when it comes to after sales service and providing you with competent service technicians. I purchased a new Napoleon central air conditioning unit from Novel Care in July 2020. I am required to use Novel Care for annual maintenance of the unit to maintain my extended warranty with them. They completed the first annual service in April 2021 and the a/c stopped working in May 2021. They attempted to repair the unit on May 14th; they topped off the coolant and added sealant to the system (so they say). The a/c broke down again on May 28th. While I was promised by Novel Care head office that they would do a nitrogen test to identify where the coolant was leaking, this was not done. The same technician simply topped up the coolant and added more sealant. The unit broke down for the 3rd time in June. Again, even though I was promised by Novel Care head office that the technician would do a nitrogen test, the same technician arrived and said that he was going to try (for the third time) to top up the unit with coolant and add sealant. When I stated that I was promised a proper diagnosis via a nitrogen test, he said that “they don’t do that.” For which I responded, every other competent HVAC company does that! He stumbled across the location of the leak. A few days later the installation crew came to repair the leak. The unit has been running fine since then. I did not receive either professional or competent servicing of my a/c unit. A problem that should have taken one visit to diagnosis took four visits to correct and cost me time and money. Worse yet, while they did not deliver on their promises, I have no confidence in the trustworthiness of Novel Care’s staff. I took the time to put my concerns in a letter to the President dated July 6th, 2021. Over two months has passed and I have yet to receive a response. That says a lot about the company. I now have a new HVAC service provider that has provided fantastic service. What a refreshing change!

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Company Response

Hello Mike,
Unfortunately, you feel that the service provided by us was unsatisfactory. As you mentioned that we did do the maintenance, and the a/c stopped working, we did come to your aid like every good service provider every time the A/c has had a manufacturing issue.
We did not once hesitate in sending our technician for the servicing. We visited you on 6th April for the maintenance, 14th May, 28th May, 29th June for the issues, and finally 30th June, after which the issue was permanently solved.
So as you yourself mentioned, we came every time to help and sort the issue. We did not leave you high and dry, nor did we refuse to provide you with the service.
You mentioned it costing time and money, we did not charge you for a single visit other than the maintenance (the 1st visit) itself, and as for time, the same amount of time has been invested by us into you, our customer. We don’t consider it a waste, but our responsibility is to come to your aid and provide you with the best. Every situation takes time to assess; we apologize that it wasn’t quick enough for your liking.
We would have appreciated it if you had given us a call regarding your dissatisfaction. Your letter to the President could have been a phone conversation, and not every time do the emails reach the inbox. We would have been glad to address this personally.


My tankless water heater started acting up and was need of repair. After a disastrous experience with my current HVAC servicing company, I wanted to try out another company. With none of my friends all that happy with the company they were using, I took to HomeStars to find someone new to try. I found Quality Home Comfort with many positive reviews. I gave them a call and spoke to Kevin. I explained the problem and we had a brief chat about his family company. He scheduled me in for an appointment in two days. Very quick in my opinion as we were on the tail end of a long weekend and they were busier than normal. Kevin assigned David, his father, to do the servicing. David started the company. With 35+ years experience, he’s particularly good at diagnostics. He asked me a lot of questions to help him diagnose the problem. After about an hour-and-a-half searching for the problem, he found it! A brass fitting that was plugged with sediment. He flushed out the fitting, re-installed it and tested the unit. Everything was working perfectly. His fee for labour was very reasonable. I cannot say how many other technicians would have diagnosed the problem correctly, but based on my past experience, I expect most would have simply said that I need to replace the entire unit. The level of professionalism and expertise I have seen from Quality Home Comfort far exceeds any other HVAC service company I have used. I chatted a lot with David and I understand his approach; if something is worth fixing and can be fixed, he will let you know. I would highly recommend Quality Home Comfort to anyone. Actually, I just recommended them to my neighbour who will be calling them shortly!

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Company Response

It's our pleasure to help you, Mike. We are very lucky to have David he is an expert diagnostic technician. We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence in service and hydronic systems are our specialty. I'm happy we solved you tankless water heaters issue. Thank you for choosing us.

Quality Home Comfort.