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There are different types of showers suited for various homeowner needs - for example, a stand alone shower is great for small bathrooms, whereas families may prefer a shower/tub combo. Whichever you decide, hire a home service pro to get the job done.

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Published: 03/23/2023
This was the 1 year check up on a new boiler installation Hoerner did for me last year. All was in good order. They showed me the inside of the boiler cabinet, everything looked extremely clean. This 1 year check...
Published: 03/14/2023
Technician came to clear our bathtub drain. While snaking the drain he accidentally drilled a hole through the drainpipe leaving much water damage in the basement . When he returned to analyze and view the damage, we were told that...
Published: 02/17/2023
Wonderful customer service. Reached out to Homestars for plumber for ongoing shower concern and had leak under kitchen sink at same time. Received prompt phone call from DrainKingPlumbing asking if I still required service and to please call....