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Nice Showroom and friendly staff at showroom. Very competitive pricing. Installation was a problematic. Errors in fabrication, excessive mess which wasn't cleaned up, delays, lead worker with poor attitude, office miscommunications, delays. End result was satisfactory but not exceptional, and getting there was painful.

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Tree staff is competent and efficient. However, they seemed too concerned with how quickly they could be done with the job and move on to the next. They finished in record time but left some long stumps and large branches which would require further cutting in order to be moved. Left without asking me to review the job. Another few minutes of time spent would have got them a higher rating. Calculated on an hourly basis, including 30 min travel, the work cost about $130 per man-hour

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The company was called to unclog a kitchen drain. For showing up to assess the problem, the up front charge was about $90 (during regular business hours). We were then provided with an outgageously high fixed price for the actual work. We accepted only because we were facing the possibility of incurring another service call charge if we started over with someone else from the yellow pages. The work took well under an hour, and it was done correctly without recurrence. As far as we were concerned, this was sneaky price gouging. Because of that, we will never use this company again.

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Marcel was recommended by our water conditioner provider. We are very pleased with the work he did and charges. He showed up promptly, was accurate in his appraisal of the situatioin, and got it done quickly. I really appreciated his "get it done" approach.

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