Excellent company! Hard working, professional, quality product, pride of craftsmanship, care with property, works to timelines. Removed over 32 tonnes of concrete from garage floor due to poor construction by builder. Worked efficiently through all problems - if it isn't done the right way with this company, then it's redone! Replaced my neighbour's driveway and patio without cost as a result of poor quality concrete used. Would not hesitate to recommend - results are just outstanding!

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Reconsider moving with this company. Have moved 31 times- the worst I've seen for damage. Lost and won't replace one article even though they stored it. Even boxes were severely damaged as if tossed and dropped. Charges for storage were over $450/month and they can't bring back what was placed in their care! Bad, bad job - bad attitude- they really don't care! Deal with someone else who can keep your belongings safe.

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