I had some issues with my water heater and called Accuserv. I wasn't sure what was the problem, but when the guy came he was able to locate and fix the problem very quickly. It was a minor issue, less than an hour work and replacing a small part. Nevertheless, I was charged $500. I was quite shocked by the price. I later called other services and found out that they charge $200-$350 for this kind of job. Since I didn't know what the problem was before it was fixed, I couldn't call companies to compare prices. I was basically captive by Accuserv and had to pay their price. I am very disappointed by this. I have no complaints about the service, only about the excessive pricing which left me with a very bitter taste of being robbed.

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Company Response

Hello D,

I am one of the owners of AccuServ. I would love to assist you with this concern. I never want one of our customers to feel they have been taken advantage of.

This is why we developed our "Customer Guarantees" I'm not sure if you noticed the badge on our sleeves but wear it with pride. The badge represents our eight customer commitments. One of those is our "PRICING" guarantee that you learn more about here

If you were unhappy with the price, you should have called me or said no to the service. But let me explain the difference between us and other companies. If you're unhappy with our service, we refund your money in full. If you believe that another company would have been able to rectify the situation for half of the price, we are more than happy to refund your money so you can explore that avenue.

I don't doubt the validity of your review although I am disappointed that you would not mention your concerns with any of our staff for resolution. Rather you choose to post a damaging review as "D", a customer name that not surprisingly does not show up in our customer database.

If you're just looking for a platform to vent, please proceed; Homestars is an excellent platform.

But if you used your real name, we would be able to locate your file and refund your money like we would with any other client.

If you would like to discuss this further or claim your refund, please feel to contact me directly at 647 973 4822.




I know that other contractors do it as well, and its about time this shameful action stops. I contacted Gail the owner, and told her about the job. She came over, was super professional, gave me a quote, agreed to take the job and told me what to buy. And then, while we were emailing back and forth about the starting date, Gail just disappeared. Stopped responding to my messages (there were many) and never actually did the job. I was very flexible with the time, so even if she had another job I could have waited. Nope, she just dropped me altogether without even telling me that she won't do it. Simply ghosted. Contractors who ghost like this can also do it when the job is half done. Be ware of her, her professional demeanour might fool you. I strongly reccommand that you hire someone else

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Company Response

I find it curious that you have blocked your identity and question the legitimacy of this review. Your slanderous comments group me in with dishonest con artists who steal home owners money. All the while eluding that I would also do the same. Homestars is a small revenue stream for me, but a revenue stream nonetheless, and I have a family to feed. If what you are saying is true - then I did nothing but inconvenience you - and maybe there were personal circumstances that resulted in you being ignored...since to you claimed I was indeed doesn't add up.
You may be private to me, but not to HomeStars, and comments like these are slanderous and will be addressed accordingly.
Your comments are outrageous, inaccurate and unacceptable.