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I took a damaged window to them and they changed the glass. The window was just something I used to cover a window well outside, to stop leaves from falling inwards, so it was easy to take to their shop. It's expensive if you want them to come to your house to take a window out to repair it, but I'm sure their pricing is competitive with other similar shops.

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They had left spots on a window and I'd asked them to go back upstairs and clean it so it was fully clean. They said the spots weren't coming off easily, but they went back up to finish the job properly, upon my insistence. However, when I checked later, after they were gone, I discovered that the glass was now cracked. It was a single-pane window in a historical house, which now has a hairline crack through it. I was disappointed because I'd seen their signs all over the neighborhood. Come to think of it, I haven't noticed their signs up, outside people's homes -- at least not as frequently as I used to. I wonder if this is a reflection of the fact that perhaps others have had similar problems? Or maybe I now have a tendency to tune out their signs.

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Noble has plumbing supplies you can't find normally. I have very old fashioned taps etc and was able to find replacement parts at Noble. It's amazing how many interesting supplies they carry compared to Home Depot, but it's a store for contractors, so unless you're a contractor you'll end up paying a lot (which I did)

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they fixed my leaking radiator. They were very quick to come and quick to do the job. A big team came because it was an emergency situation they responded very quickly.

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