I had to buy my dad an original birthday gift and it isn't easy for the man with nearly everything. He worked in Finland years ago and at Quasi Modo the sales staff helped me pick something lovely and thoughtful, iittala fine glasses for his sherry etc

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Despite a mistake with the order they came and fixed it with no cost to us. The product is really good and the service was excellent. We saw their doors at a neighbour's place, they recommend them to us and now we're recommended them to other neighbours.

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Its too bad we needed more than one visit to get it right but now we have our new dual flush Caroma Sydney toilet (better for environment) and it is the right one. (Our kids asked if it flushed the opposite way like they do in Australia ;)

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Company Response

**Thanks Carol** We appreciate your review and thank you for taking the time to write it. We identify with your position regarding the two separate appointments, however, the first visit was for a plugged toilet, and the second visit was unrelated, to replace the old toilet all together. The scope of the repairs directly determined the service required. It is good to know that all is working well now, and we are glad we were of assistance. Thanks for choosing DrainWorks.