Contacted them by email, had a very prompt response from Leon. Quoted $80/hr, minimum 2 hours up front, which I liked. We set up a time about 5 days later, I was able to change the time with short notice and Leon was able to accommodate (again, by prompt email). Arrived at scheduled time, found issue quickly with a pot light that burnt out, replaced part of wiring. Was completed in about 30 minutes. Even though quoted 2 hour minimum, he advised since it was an quick job, 1 hr ($80 charge) would apply only. Very satisfied with the experience.

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Company Response

Hi George.
Thank you for your great review!! It's always a pleasure to hear feedback from our wonderful customers. The most important thing is you are happy with the work. Thank you again.


Excellent design and quality versus value was good. Quality was an issue with regards to panel colours not matching on a good percentage of panels, some with smooth finishes and others rough. A large side panel was measured wrong and the resulting fit was poor. Had to have some replaced, the one for the island we just accepted a discount as the granite was installed already. 5 years later, the cabinets are showing wear especially where cabinet doors affix to gables. Particle board wearing out and screws loosening. I can see happening with other cabinets. Contacts them for repair and took 20 days to get a response. Then a solution was offered that was not understood and $150 repair cost (not even clear how they are fixing) needed to be paid before they would come to fix. Have never paid for trades in advance with anyone else. Spoke with owner and basically its unreasonable for me to expect to pay when fixed, was made bluntly clear, that if no no payment in advance, no service. My service call got canceled. Nice design, decent install price, but longevity very suspect and service culture very poor. Update: Response to companies response. As was made clear about a dozen times, the issue was not about the cost of repair, it is the fact you insist to charge for a repair in advance, before you even come in. After sales service matters, especially when I get asked about who did my Kitchen by other unit owners multiple times per year. I have found someone else to fix this quality issue and I paid them once they had fixed it., like every other trades around.

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Company Response

Thank you for the feedback.

When an issue with our cabinetry presents itself after the five year warranty period, we consider this a chargeable service.

We apologize if you did not know this in advance.

In order to assess the problem with your cabinetry , we must send our experienced and skilled technicians on site.

While we sympathize it is a cost to have a technician come out , we are not interested in financial gain from one service call. The fee is simply to cover the cost of our technician's time.

We are prepared and ready to book the service visit should you wish to reconsider.

Please contact


Service was very good. They worked with me to find out if they had the part in their van prior to making an appointment and they did not. So I sourced the new shower catridge myself. Plumbing came early (Tony). He was friendly ad polite. According to his price book, replacing a cartridge (that we supply) for my shower (which was already apart exposing the cartridge, was over $700. After some discussion, charged faucet replacement fee for kitchen instead ($415 with tax). He was here for 30 minutes (being generous on the timing), I had supplied the part, he removed one part, put the new one in, put handle back on and we were done. Service excellent, pricing very very high for what was delivered. Pricing alone will make me think twice about using them again. Paying a smaller plumber $150 or even $200 an hour would have been 1/2 the price. Update: I was contacted by Waterworks Plumbing to discuss this review and my experience. They commited to reviewing the work order and to get back to me, they suspected their new'ish plumber may have made a mistake. The called back the next day and advised that I should have been charged a lower rate (difference was about $71) and they were processing the order at the lower rate. I am satisfied with this result and appreciate their willingness to find a resolution, they were genuine in their efforts and wanted to make things right. Very positive outcome.

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Company Response

Hi George, thank you for the fantastic review. Sometimes those one off plumbers don't actually show up and they don't have insurance or warranty their job. We are always here should you need us in the future. Thank you from all of us at the Waterworks Plumbing and Drains Inc.