I called this company to do the seasonal maintinacne last year. I had a serious weed problem over my lawn. They checked they told me that they can maintain it. after the first few visits, they informed that my lawn should be acid washed and either reseeded or put new sod again. I give them the green light to start the process that was some time early MAy. They kept coming to overseed and fertilized the property and keep writing the notes that the lawn in bad condition. I kept calling and trying with the customer service to stop the maintenance program and acid wash the property for more than a month till they finally contacted the contractor here in the city of Waterloo to stop the program. They came acid washed the lawn almost end of June. I was required by that time to take off an the old lawn and put a new soil and sod. I was left with no grass for the whole summer for their careless of dealing with the customers. The surprise that after all this, I found out that the contract was renewed automatically for this year and the contractor came to my house twice when in both cases I stopped them to touch my lawn. They kept saying that they have put a note into my account but they did not stop coming. Every time they showed up in my property I stop them before they start they work and remind that I had no contract with the company. They asked me to call the company and discuss it. I called and they told me that I owe them over $100 for this year. I informed them that I have no service done on my property; they still send me the invoice up to now. I have just finished the property after I re-sod it. Customer service is unbelievably difficult to deal with and the company has a seriously miscommunication problem with their contractors. I am really regretting the business I have done with them.

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Company Response

I am sorry to hear of the experience you've had. Unfortunately we do re-sod and I apologize if that's what you were told. Our technicians on every visit will assess and make recommendations. It is very important to keep in mind that lawn care is a process and depending on the initial condition of your lawn it can sometimes take ever longer to get back into great condition. I can see you noted that we did come back several times to try and over seed and help but sometimes the lawn can need further help such as re-sodding. We do inform all of our customer upon sign up that we are an auto renewal service and it is always stated on all our paper work as well. We most certainly did not want you leaving us on bad terms. If the service wasn't all completed since you told them to leave we would most certainly be able to work something out with the bill. To discuss further please email me at so I can try and help.
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I had a really bad experience with the brick. I bought a year ago a living room and dinning set with the protection plan for the living room set. The chairs for the dining set were carelessly delivered with alot of dents and wears and had been replaced more than three times before it gets into my house. The last issue had been solved a few weeks ago. The love seat in my living room set was having irregular sound; when I asked for a replacement, they said the sound is in all manufactured seats and they offered me a refund of over $100 and voided my protection plan on the seat. My case had a lot of details but in general bad experience !

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The company has really professional staff in all aspects: marketing, sales, technician, etc. I have bought the drinking water system and softener from crystal clear and have been installed professionally by them. The after sales service is really good. I recommend this company for sure.

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