Carlo did a fantastic work! For starter, he was always punctual to return my calls, make an appointment to understand the work, and draw a contract to ensure no misunderstanding. He then proceeded to meet his obligations, arriving on time to complete the work. He went above and beyond by applying additional water proofing at no extra charge, on his own initiative. He kept the working area clean, and completed the work on time and budget. I will strongly recommend Carlo for all masonry work. Simply a delightful professional.

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I was not very happy with their service. We had our yard re-sodded and a deck built. While the service was initially friendly and amicable, I am not left with the same feeling after the project. The reason we resodded was that my existing sod was lumpy with lots of weeds. Within 2 weeks of laying the new sod all my old weeds came out again and I have the same lumpy yard that I had prior to the project. When I complained the company sent their team to dog out some of the weeds but all the weeds grew pretty quickly again. They appeared angry that I dared to complain. I feel that they did an armature job. Any requests that we have made from them after the project were ignored.

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Company Response

HI Helen ,
I am so sorry to hear that !
I never know there was a problem .
I left the site with a great feeling i liked the deck , the sod , the gardens i thought it looks just great .
I would love to come by and see how we can fix what ever problems there is in the property .
About the sodding job , i was there and i made sure that everything was done properly ! we pulled all the old weeds and roter tilled the soil, we brought in top grade top soil and re level the back yard .
soil settle after a while it moves and shifts it is not like stone .
About the weeds , weeds will grow always , its a never ending bettle since there is no pesticide in Toronto and we are an organic company so the fight goes on ! ( Organic - doing everything by hand and multiple times )
The only way to fight the weeds is to pull them as soon as they pop up .
Again i'm very sorry to hear that you feel the way you feel and i would love to meet you and discuss about solutions .


Mitch and Justin did an incredible job painting our large home. Their price was unbelievable, and the delivered excellent, reliable and friendly service. They also took care of all details and were so kind to warmly accommodate last minute changes! I cannot say enough about how thrilled we are with the service we received!

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Company Response

Really appreciate it Helen. Thank you.