Property Stars were going door-to-door in the neighborhood, so we decided we'd have them spray-seal the driveway. There was an impending rainstorm coming, however, and we asked if we ought to wait to do the work as we were concerned the rain would wash some of the sealant off. They assured us they'd be able finish the job before the rain fell and it'd be completely dry in 10 minutes so it'd be unaffected by the rain. Next morning, I come out to see a number of very noticable missed spots all over the base of the driveway - whether that was attributed to the rain washing sealant away, or because they rushed to finish the work before it rained, I'm unsure. In either event, I wasn't mad, but I wasn't pleased with the result, either. I just wanted it rectified. I called in to Property Stars to request that they come back to complete the neccessary touchups as outlined in their TOS, and was told they'd look at their upcoming schedules and book me in, letting me know in advance. I assumed that meant it might be a few days or possibly a week or two - completely understandable, just wanted a relatively solid date for them to come back and complete the job to our satisfaction. I waited a few days for a callback, then I called twice looking for a more defined timeframe (would they be in the area tomorrow? Next week? Next month?) and finally just had to leave a message. When they returned my call the day after my VM, I was told by the representative that they'd get in touch with me whenever the Property Stars sealing teams were going to be back in my area and the weather was optimal to respray. So in other words, I have no idea when they'll be back to finish the job, if at all. Now the onus is on me to either keep calling them until I can get a committment as to a return date, or do nothing and hope they actually come back at some point this summer to finish the job. So I'm ranking the actual work performed as average, and the follow up in terms of customer satisfaction assurance as very disappointing.

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Company Response

Hello and thank you for your review. We are sorry to hear that the service was not completed to your satisfaction.

As long as the sealant is applied to dry asphalt prior to rainfall, the sealant is water repellent. Unfortunately, we can predict the intensity of rainfall.

Thank you for following the correct steps in informing us that there were issues with the service. With the notification we are able to add you to our list for a respray. The service is weather dependent especially if there is already a layer of sealant applied. We need to ensure that the initial layer is dried and cured properly before applying another coating.

If the 2nd coating is applied to soon, it will result in a longer dry time and will prevent you from having access to your driveway for an extended period of time.

Once you are added to the respray list, your service location will notify you 24-48 hours in advance so you can prepare.


We had a power outage in our area, and heard a loud pop when the power initially was restored. We couldn't figure out what the pop was until the next morning, when we realized our furnace wasn't turning on - quite a predicament in mid November. We called the original installer of the furnace that afternoon, who tried their best to diagnose the issue over the phone, but couldnt come out until the next morning. We called Rodmans, and they had a fantastic technician named Dylan out in about an hour and a half after my initial call. He diagnosed the issue was a blown circuit board in 10 minutes, submitted a request for the replacement part to be ordered immediately, and was able to determine that it was actually covered under the furnace's warranty. He was back at our home by noon the next day to install the part. So my total cost was the initial assessment and the labor to install the new part. It also helped that the fantastic person at their office (either Deb or Diane :) ) kept us in the loop via phone the entire time, with multiple calls to inform us as to every stage in the process. TL:DR - we noticed that our furnace wasn't working one afternoon after a power outage, and less than 12 hours later, our furnace was working. And it didn't cost me an arm and a leg to get it fixed that quickly, either. So we have a working furnace, and a new company to deal with our future HVAC needs, too. Thank you to the Rodmans team of Dylan and Deb for a fantastic customer experience!

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