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Composite Deck

In July, 2019, we hired Sam(Saeed) owner of Handyman Kwik Services to remove our existing wooden deck and replace it with a composite deck. Pictures from his Homestars profile showed a composite deck and when he was here in person he showed us pictures on his cell phone and said he could do the job. We were very clear with the design of the deck and did not waiver from that at all during the entire time they were here.
Sam and his partner (and another man that showed up at times) were exceptionally nice, respectful men. However, we regret we hired them for this job as it was a costly mistake.
Sam quoted us at $17,000 for the job and it ended up being $32,000 (material and labour). At times during construction we brought design and construction concerns to Sam and his team – Railing installation/spacing, composite board alignment, holes in boards that shouldn’t be there, water flow/run off (which still to this day is not fixed and water pools). You will see from the attached pictures that boards are not cut straight.
They remarked at one point that they don’t plan, they take things as they come. When observing them, they would start a task, not finish it, and move on to the next. At times we noticed they would run into measurement issues and would need to redo, or start tasks all over. It was clear they weren’t as experienced as they led us to believe. They were angry that the job was taking too long. As stated earlier, the scope never changed from the start. They wanted extra money for all the time it was taking and we, begrudgingly, paid it.
Sam admitted that they did not do a good job, and that he, as a consumer, would not be very happy paying what we paid for this job, and getting the end product that we received. He promised to come back in the spring of 2020 and make some fixes. Since early spring anytime we call Sam someone else answers and tells us Sam is out of the country and unable to return due to the pandemic. During this time (and up to now), we have seen new reviews on his Homestars’ profile that mentions Sam being on jobs. Is he back in Canada? Is he ignoring us?
Also, we noticed that Sam has posted pictures from our deck that does not show the truth of the workmanship and we felt it was incumbent on us to give our side and let consumers decide for themselves.
We are heartbroken by the end result. It is embarrassing to have people over with the shoddy workmanship and hope that people don’t see all the mistakes. Because we ended up paying almost double to what we thought it was going to cost, we are tapped out, otherwise we would hire someone to fix everything. Our reason for writing this is because we do not want trusting, unsuspecting consumers to make the same costly mistake that we did.

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Company Response

Hi ..Thanks for your review.This family are very nice,lovely,and hospitable people specialty husband.Whatever they explain about the our deli it's correct except that part she says I didn't finish my job. I finish the job they check everything .They were happy.They check everything.They pay me.After 2 week .They call me to go put some missing screw.when I go to do it.They told me our friend told us what you didn't do railings defend way .Why you didn't do this boards the other way.Anyway they start to Mack' some changes and they wanted me to do them all for free and I decided to don't do them .That's the story .