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Alex from Mississauga
Alex from Mississauga
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Raccoon and squirrel proofing

Over years I dealt with a number of wild life control companies. I must tell you that Joe is superior to all of them. Spending a whole day at our house he installed mesh, in many cases re-doing the low quality work by his predecessors. Net result - the house is fully protected, esthetically changed from ugly highly visible poorly installed mesh to a barely visible solution, painted to blend in with the roof. Amazing. Joe takes pride in his work and does whatever it takes to make sure the customer is satisfied. This, coupled with high quality workmanship, makes his service offering truly unique. Highly recommended.

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Company Response

Thanks for your review. I received a call from my client who was clearly not happy with some work which was done to his home. Having arrived at the home in the evening and in the rain he pointed out the offending strip of mesh which was mounted on a corner of his sofit above the upper left hand side of his front door. The mesh itself was attached with large washers and mounted right across the exterior stucco molding and sofit. I didn't like the look one bit and needed to come back and look at the whole job because I was suspicious of the work. The following week I arrived at the home and was informed that the issue initially was raccoon related and a 1 way door was installed higher up on the roof out of visible sight along with mesh on all the dormers. This particular roof had a steep slope and I was told the company installed the mesh on a crazy angle to reach the dormer locations by placing the ladder on the roof itself. This ladder work was conducted to an extent whereby the eaves troughs were scratched and weakened so that I couldn't use a ladder at all for fear of the troughs falling down onto the drive way below. I always use a gutter guard to protect eaves troughs and because of the weakened eaves had to do the job with ropes and a harness. The situation also proved interesting in that the 1 way raccoon door was not attached properly and held on buy huge lag bolts which left large holes into my clients sofit which simply came apart with my bare hands. The raccoon could easily remove the door and probably would have come back in late November had I not removed it all and started over. Also, The mesh itself had a 4 inch vertical gap in it which squirrels could easily re-enter in from, which I found to be totally wrong. These guys used different sized lag bolts (I used a socket set to remove them),screws,and even roofing nails to slap the mesh on. Not one bolt, screw, or nail was caulked with proper roof patch to protect the home from water leaks. How these guys could sleep at night considering the potential for disaster that they left behind was beyond me. The feeling that they just went through their truck bed and scrounged up whatever they could find came upon me. They even left wire and screws and a pair of busted up sun glasses in his eaves. Once everything was removed I spray painted the new mesh beige to match the sofit and black to match the shingles. The job itself turned out well and is practically invisible. The reality is that this type of work is very common and didn't surprise me in the least. Anybody out there that hires a company to do work on their home should take a look at the company's truck. A well organized truck usually means the technician has the tools and equipment to tackle a job well.