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Elias from North York
Elias from North York
6 reviews North York, ON

Supplied Engineered Hardwood

Purchased material from them and it creaks and sqeaks like crazy. After having two installers to try and rectify the issue including their own they bounced me over to their manufacturer. They don't stand behind their product and will play between the manufacturer and installer. Don't buy from them not worth the aggravation.

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Company Response

This response is purely just to correct misinformation as presented in this "review".
As above, client did purchase floors from Yorkdale, materials only, no installation services, and did
experience some issues.
As per "After having two installers to try and rectify the issue including their own they bounced
me over to their manufacturer." : the clients first installer, nothing to do with Yorkdale Hardwood,
had no interest in resolving the issue. It is important to note that this first installation was
carried out over an EXISTING LOOSE, WARPED parquet, a warranty issue in itself. The second
installer, whom Elias dealt with on a previous
installation,is not an employee of Yorkdale Hardwood and WAS NOT INSTRUCTED by Yorkdale Hardwood to
"rectify" any situation, by any means.
Here is a time-line of events:
1.purchased flooring product
2.installer picked up and installed within hours, no acclimation
3.client called and reported "creaks in floor" and was advised to have his installer check under the
baseboard to make
sure the floating floor had the correct spacing around perimeter, which may result in
"squeaking or creaking".
4.manufacturer was contacted and advised of the situation and both Yorkdale & manufacturer started
the procedure to correct the issue. THERE IS A PROCEDURE THAT MUST BE FOLLOWED!
5.client discussed situation with "second" installer and decided,
WITHOUT FIRST CONTACTING Yorkdale Hardwood, to remove the floor, the loose parquet, that was used
as a subfloor and reinstall the floor. A bad decision on behalf of the client and the installer, and a
decision we would not have recommended. This "repair" was not successful, but was deemed Yorkdale
Hardwood's mistake, for some unknown reason or another. The second installer did not accept any fault
in the unsuccessful repair.
6.client contacted Yorkdale and threatened to post on "Homestars" and so on, and will take "legal
action" if the situation
was not rectified. Client was advised that if that was the route he desired, then we could not help
with the situation any longer.
7.client's wife/partner called and apologized for "threats"
8. Yorkdale Hardwood & manufacturer discussed the situation, and not withstanding the botched
repair, that something needed to be done to "help" this client, even though both companies did not
consider the issue a problem with the material. Because of the poor initial installation, and the
follow up "botched repair", it was decided to allow the floor to "settle" for a couple of weeks and
hopefully the creaking would subside, as client did admit, the reinstallation had in fact "reduced
the squeaking somewhat". Neither the first installer, nor the
second installer, both of clients choosing, accepted any professional or financial responsibility
9.client posted to Homestars,...not providing the entire truth and indicating the route he decided
to pursue. Unfortunately.

update: Client had an independent evaluation performed on the project. The report was duly cc'ed to
Yorkdale Hardwood, the so called villian in this fiasco. This professional inspection gleaned the
following result: "not a material failure, an installation failure"!

Its too bad that people can say what they like without facts. Unfortunately, Homestars has chosen to assist "Elias" in this misrepresentation.