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Depending on the usage, dryer vents are typically cleaned at least once a year. Cleaning your dryer vents can help increase safety at home, as the vents can be clogged with lint over time and pose as a potential fire hazard at home.

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Published: 01/14/2019
We needed our carpets cleaned after years of use and a former cat had accidents on our carpet. The service was prompt, completed as agreed at the price agreed. The service men were particular to ensure our home was protected...
Published: 01/04/2019
Very professional. Ducts cleaned approx. 1 month ago. Then we had a small critter die inside the home. Gentleman came back and was going to help find the smell (found it before he arrived) and fogged our...
Published: 12/10/2018
Today we had our ducts cleaned in our home. The gentleman were kind and professional and showed lots of respect for my home. They showed up on time and explained themselves thoroughly! I would highly recommend them to...