Customer Spotlight: Urban Piping

Urban Piping

Plumbing - Calgary & Edmonton, AB

Member Since: October 2008

98% (Star Score)
113 Reviews
Best of Award Winner
HomeStars Verified
120 jobs closed in 1 year averaging $500 - $1000 each
127 Leads
133 Phone Clicks
204 Website Clicks
464 Total Homeowner Connections
120 Jobs Closed from Homeowner Connections
3 Jobs Needed to Cover Annual Subscription Costs
4,761 Profile Views
39,822 Views in HomeStars Search
"Our HomeStars reviews are great for brand awareness and help us stand out from the competition. Homeowners check out our profile and validate our exceptional reputation and reach out from there!"

- Graham Drew, Owner
www.HomeStars.com | 1-877-488-0312
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