Customer Spotlight: Ben’s Appliance

Ben’s Appliances

Appliance Repair - Lower Mainlands, BC

Member Since: June 2015

97% (Star Score)
129 Reviews
Best of Award Winner
HomeStars Verified
180 jobs closed in 1 year averaging $110 each
102 Leads
216 Phone Clicks
103 Website Clicks
421 Total Homeowner Connections
180 Jobs Closed from Homeowner Connections
12 Jobs Needed to Cover Annual Subscription Costs
2,444 Profile Views
9,131 Views in HomeStars Search
“HomeStars has helped my business build a strong reputation in my area, and with its seamless platform homeowners can easily reach out and connect. Plus, HomeStars is affordable and helps my business grow without breaking the bank.”

- Matthew Notting, Owner
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