I always like to support local businesses, and so when we bought my first house I was pretty psyched about having this right near by. They have great service, clearance items (I got a $175 custom order front door lock for $15!!!), tools (And a damn good selection), lighting, raw wood, decking, doors and windows, plumbing and electrical.. Even work clothes. Out back at the contractor location you can buy insulation, and roofing and all other building supplies. The folks are always nice, knowledgeable and conversational. Ready to help even if they are in the middle of something (Not like the average big box home stores...) You can't miss the big sign!

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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...This pretty much sums up my experience with Rona this weekend. Let's start with the happy part of this review. Five stars for the buy 2 boxes of laminate flooring, get 1 box free sale. Thanks to Rona's already low prices plus the sale, I saved 60% off of what I was expecting to pay at Home Depot or any of the other local flooring places. However, to get the flooring that I wanted involved traveling back and forth between the North Van Rona and the one in Vancouver twice. Here's where the review gets ugly. Zero stars for customer service. The North Van store didn't have enough of the flooring and after trying to hunt down a sales person to help us for over a half hour, it was suggested that we go over to the Vancouver store because they definitely had 100 boxes. We drove over Second Narrows and arrived at the Vancouver store. They didn't have the flooring that we wanted on display. We didn't think to write the model number down (Doh!) and the sales guys at the Vancouver store weren't willing to search around for us or call the other store for the info. Fine. We called Rona in North Van to see if they could help. Two phone calls and 40 minutes later, we were still on hold and decided to just DRIVE BACK TO THE RONA IN NORTH VAN BECAUSE IT WOULD BE FASTER THAN WAITING ON HOLD INDEFINITELY. We got over to the North Van store and got the model info. Then we hopped back in the car and drove to the Vancouver store for the second time to purchase the flooring and arrange for delivery. The whole experience took a good 6 hours. Was it one of the most annoying shopping experiences of my life? Yes! Was it worth saving a thousand bucks? Yeah. I was tempted to just give up on Rona and head over to Home Depot to save my sanity, but in the end I just couldn't see paying another place that much more money out of spite. So, yes, Rona has great prices. Unfortunately, Rona also has almost nonexistent customer service. If you can live with that, you know where to go.

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So.. needed to paint the guest room. Went in and got helped - helped me with which type of paint to get and the accessories. Felt like a boss. Went home and painted the room in a day. Feelin pretty good

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