When I first reached out to Homestars I wasn't prepared to repipe my entire house, fearing that it would be too costly, messy and disruptive. However, Conor Whyte is the pinnacle of professionalism. He offered to do an assessment at my convenience. He clearly explained the steps, timeline and expense involved. He was not pushy but was confident in the quality of work he could provide. After speaking to a few other contractors, I chose Whyte Plumbing for the job and has not been disappointed. Not only was Conor able to deliver on the quality of work as promised, he showed up on time or would notify if there was a change in schedule. I had been involved in some other previous home projects and sometimes the contractor won't show up at all, with no explanation. Not Conor! He was courteous and respectful toward our timelines and concerns. His company has exceeded my expectations on this project and I would not hesitate to work with him again.

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Thanks so much for the kind words Cora. It's been a pleasure working for you and I'm delighted we've exceeded your expectations. Whyte Plumbing and Heating

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When I hired Ziggy everything seemed fine. He gave me a good quote & timeframe for the work. At first everything seemed to proceed well, but then he wouldn't show up when he said he would. The project ended up dragging on for 3 weeks longer than promised. But the work looked really good so I was happy for a while. Then the creaks started...I tried to call the contractor back but again he would make appointments but never show up for them. This went on for about a month before I gave up calling. To this day, my floors still creaks.

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This company did a good job of installing the aluminum awning over my balcony. We had wanted a covered balcony so we could enjoy the outdoors more. They recommended a fully covered permanent awning with skylights, which still allows the balcony to stay bright. I was very happy with the work & the time it took. Only complaint is that the final paint finish was a bit shabby and not as smooth as I expected.

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We saw a sign posted on the lawn of a neighbouring house which was being painted. We had contemplated repainting the house exterior ourselves but some of the eaves were too high. After consulting with Travis he offered us a good estimate and paint colour choices. Although I feel the final colour was darker than i wanted, and some places were not as neatly finished as I would like, overall, it was a good job. I am satisfied with the work performed.

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They provided excellent before & after customer service. The window fit perfectly and were so quick to install. Price was very reasonable too. If I were to buy a do-it-yourself kits, I wouldn't have saved that much money and the job may not have been as well executed. I am now in enjoying fresh air without worrying about mosquitoes and flies.

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When I bought my tank at Sears, it came with a 9 year warranty, which I thought, covered everything. After 1 year, the tank leaked. Not only was there no hot water in the dead of winter, but I woke up with a flooded basement! I made an appointment with Sears to have the tank repaired. After the repairman came, I was told that the tank couldn't be repaired but had to be replaced. There was an additional $200 charge because the warranty did not cover replacement! I was very disappointed. My disappointment was exasperated by the fact that they replaced my original tank with a smaller one! If I wanted the same size, I would have to pay more! Bottom line - read the warranty and any contracts. You may not be covered the way you thought.

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