We had our kitchen reno done in fall 2017 and we love our new kitchen. Jennie, our Raywal designer, was amazing and a joy to work with. She figured out how we use the kitchen and incorporated this functionality into her design. Her design sense is impeccable and her design reflects our esthetics. The Raywal people (installers, inspectors, coordinators) are all excellent. They clearly take pride in their product and their work and are also friendly. They returned after the cabinet installation and fixed minor issues that we had not even noticed. We also used Raywal to subcontract to Cambria for counters and backsplashes. Cambria is also excellent. We absolutely love the quartz countertop and backsplash we got. It took 2 weeks after the cabinet installation to get the countertop installation but it was worth the wait. The quartz is stunning and it looks like granite. The Cambria installers also take pride in their work and the end result is beautiful. The only negative that we could see with Raywal is with the MDF boxes and shelves. Immediately after installation, they began to slightly sag under heavy weight (books or glass filled dry goods). Compare this to our previous 30-year old MDF shelves which had not sagged at all. However, we are under the impression that all MDF products are poorer in quality compared to the past. In summary, we highly recommend Raywal and Cambria for their excellent products and services.

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We ordered 4 kitchen appliances from CAS for our renovated kitchen. Given we had ordered all these items together we got a decent discount from Joseph. We would have been pretty happy if things had gone well after this, but they did not and CAS either took advantage of the situation or ignored problems. It turned out that the hood would not work out when our kitchen contractor actually came to install it, because of issues with the house structure and details of the mount. CAS charged their full 25% restocking fee for an item still in an unopened box (approx $300) AND refused to give us the large-order discount we had on the initial order. After our other items were delivered we found freezer door handle on the fridge (Frigidaire Professional FPBG2277RF6) would not sit flat because the door was slightly warped. There was no sign that this was shipping damage, but CAS and Fridaire both told us we needed to talk the other one. CAS made no attempt to assist us, did not pretend to be sympathetic and absolutely refused to contact the manufacturer. In addition to the above, we were left with the distinct impression that their departments seem very isolated from each other. Shipping seemed competent, but customer service was lazy and showed little concern or care for the customer. The sales guy, Joseph gave us a good initial price and was moderately helpful in finding a new hood that would fit our kitchen, but he also told us things that were maybe not false, but were misleading. Note to CAS: since the above happened we have looked other examples of the fridge on the floor in other stores. Another had a similar issues with handles not fitting on doors that curved instead of being flat. Given Fridgedaire probably knows they have a quality problem, even a small amount of help from you might have resolved the problem and you might be getting a score of 8 out of 10 instead of 2.

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