We moved into a home last week and found out that there were mice living there before us. Kevin was great in explaining what was needed and was very thorough, placing bait in every access point. While nothing is 100%, I felt confident that the mice issue is under control for the time being. GTA also offers a 90-day warranty which is reassuring. Would definitely recommend them.

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Company Response

Thanks Mahamid: This home had only a mild case of Deer mice. When the entire home is treated effectively and professionally the rodent populations will alway diminish. However variations from population to population will determine the intensity and longevity of each individual case. We had a great advantage with this home in that its infrastructure offered excellent opportunity to treat the problem. Mice breed over years or decades from within the homes. Growing steadily from year to year. " It is not possible to BLOCK them, regardless of what companies lacking experience and transparency claim openly. " Thanks Kevin Diamond. GTA Wildlife Removal & Pest Control Ltd.