We moved into a previously lived in house and discovered that we had a bit of a mouse problem. Kevin has been helping us for a while to get rid of the mouse issue. He was very clear up front that we would not be able to get rid of all of the mice with one treatment and agreed to come back within a month to refill all of the bait boxes. He has been back a number of times to refill bait boxes and help get rid of the mice. Unfortunately we still have some mice in the house, but the population is significantly reduced. We will continue to work with Kevin to eliminate them all.

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Thanks for the review: This is a rare case,it is important for the public to understand that mice and rat populations slowly build up over months years or even decades feeding upon insects and each other. Genetic strength and available food sources will delegate the over strength of each individual population. Don't believe any company that claims to BLOCK HOLES. It is a manipulation of creative sales marketing. Trust GTA Wildlife & Pest Control to be honest and transparent.


James was prompt in the pick up and delivery of the used piano we purchased. He came back later and tuned it at a time that was very convenient for us. He made sure that the repairs on the piano were minimized based on our need to have a basic piano to learn to play on.

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thank you so much for your review.

I hope your kids enjoy the music with your piano

it's good for educational purpose.

see you next time