First, the price quoted on my first visit was about $300 less than the actual price. I took a day off work for the delivery only to discover that the door was hinged on the wrong side. I took another day off for the next delivery. The Installer was a really good guy, BUT, once the old stove was dissassembled and the new one was in the house, I realized that it was not the stove I ordered. It was a smaller size. I was told that it should be large enough to heat my house, so I said I'd try it. I really had no choice because my old stove was no longer useable. I used the small stove for a few weeks and was never warm I had to use my (expensive) electric baseboards. I called Mason Place and told them they had to replace the stove with the correct model. They said it would take about 2 months to get the right unit. I said I'd wait, but would not pay until the new one came in. the new stove finally arrived near the end of winter. they sent me a bill and I paid the amount indicated. Then, they sent me another bill saying that the first invoice was for the smaller stove, a $500 difference. I said I'd split the difference with them, and didn't hear anything again until the summer. The owner phoned me and whined about the shortfall. Again, I said I'd split the difference to cover the extra $$ I had to pay in electricity and for inconvenience. He agreed, finally, and I gave him my credit card number. On my next Mastercard bill, the full amount was charged!! I'm NEVER using Mason Place again!

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