Called to get quote and Jennifer came out immediately and provided me with a variety of options for my garage door replacement. 1). Replace door only 2) Door and capping and 3) Door, capping and topping (above door). I was advised that choosing Option 3 would be best choice as all colours will match. I decided to go with replacing everything to be consistent, put down $500 deposit and order was booked. This is when things went off the rails. I specifically asked to be advised of installation date so I can have my dog out of the house. The actual door was replaced on the arranged date (Wednesday), but no capping or topping. I phoned immediately to ask about the rest of the job and was told they only install on Monday and Wednesday, but couldn't tell me which date he would come back but guaranteed it would be done by August 22, 2018 (the following Wednesday). One week later (Thursday) they came back and did the capping then told me that they ran out of material and would have to come back to finish the top. I was so frustrated and stressed my frustration only to be told that he’d come back Friday to finish job. (Remember that he only installs on Monday and Wednesday?). When I came home from work, I was sooooo disappointed because the colour, pattern and material didn’t match and was told if I want the same aluminum material as the door, it was going to cost me another $150. It’s not just about the additional money, it’s that I was upsold so everything would be consistent colour to end up with inconsistent colour and pattern. My advice is.......Go with a larger Company that have resources to honour their word and end product.

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