We got our bedroom flooring done by Codona Flooring and it was a great experience. They offer excellent customer service and professional workmanship. The owner, Milos, offered us great and honest advice on what kind of flooring would suit our home. The whole process was smooth from beginning to end and the work was completed promptly. He was also very responsive to all our inquiries, provided lots of samples for us to take home, and was patient with our decision-making. The final product looks beautiful and we will definitely be asking him to complete other flooring projects in the future. Thank you Codona Flooring!

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We signed up for a 4 year contract with Grand Alarms. Biggest mistake ever. Last year we had a raccoon enter our house while we were away. While our alarm was armed, the raccoon went all over the house (it left footprints to prove it was here) and the alarm never went off even though the raccoon ran past the motion sensor. We called last summer to let Grand Alarm know that the motion sensor wasn't working (we tested it from home) and a year later they still haven't sent a technician to look at it. They keep saying they will call back and never do. Every time you call them they say they will call back in a few minutes because they have to escalate it to a technical department but seem to disappear into a technical black hole. Now we have another issue with one of the contact sensors and it has been a month of us trying to reach them but they keep saying they will call a technician to come replace our system... Still waiting. Every time we call back we get a different representative who doesn't seem to know about our previous call and says they will 'leave notes'. It' s been a long (almost) 4 years with them and we can't wait until our contract is done. But judging by the other negative reviews, when time comes to cancel our service, it might be a headache too. Save yourself the headache and sign up with another alarm company.

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