Steve is absolutely an outstanding man! He inspected a house on 394 Blue Mountain for us, and provided us with some very helpful tips. It's immediately apparent that he's knowledgeable about homes. His wealth of construction experience really shines here. If you hire Steve. I would highly advise you accompany him on the inspection, because you will learn a lot about homes. Steve as astute enough to find out another inspector had been recently present... and even asked the home owner if he could cut some taping on a wall so that he could get access to the underlying pipes. I don't think any inspector would have done that. What we find most outstanding is the professionalism that Steve works by. The sale did not go through, but the owner seemingly tried to exact revenge on us, via Steve. She accused him of "breaking the electrical", when it was just a matter of circuit breaker switches being shut off. Steve was a good sport and visited the property twice to just "flip a switch". We thank you for your professionalism and cooperation though this dilemma Steve.

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Another great home inspection, my client was with me through the entire inspection, by the time the onsite inspections was finished we had a pretty good idea what needed upgrading or replaced.