We bought a 114 year old home in High Park, Toronto and we tested for lead water. We found out the City's pipe was replaced but not our side leading to our newly purchased home. We were advised to replace our lead pipe with 1” new water line on our property to the City connection, as our daughter was 5 years old and at risk for lead levels and we wanted better water pressure. It was also recommended that we should install a backwater valve and we would receive the Ciy’s Basement Flooding Subsidy rebate. The job was contracted to Steve, Vitali and his crew from Master Drain and Water Works Inc. They were quick - they came by and assessed, dug the 9 ft hole despite the cold temperatures and installed the valve and replaced the pipe. Vitali was very knowledgeable and professional and called me to advise the Inspector was coming and that the Inspection passed on February 13th. We appreciated that Basement Flooding Protection form was provided to us completed and we were told to simply submit it to the City with his receipt and we would receive the reimbursement. The only concern at that time was we were provided only one receipt for the backwater valve of $1808.00, yet we paid $5,500. The receipt also had an expiry date of Sunday, June 30, 2019 only a few months later and the job was not completed fully. We heard nothing from anyone, not how to use the valve nor who was going to fill back the big hole they dug on our front lawn. Then on May 21, 2019 we received a letter from the City of Toronto Water stating we did not pass a Backwater valve final inspection and would not be receiving the subsidy. We have repeatedly called and messaged Steve regarding filling the hole and most recently, regarding the valve. Steve and Vitali assured us that it had passed inspection. We have been promised two weeks in a row they would arrange for the inspector to return to our home and nothing has occurred. We have no confidence the $5,500 paid for the scope of work was received as we have no proper receipts, water pressure, warranties or even a report for passing inspection. The picture of our front lawn pre-Master Drain & Water Works Inc displays the mess they left us and we are still waiting…

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