After being turned down by several companies -- including well-known companies in the roofing business -- who said that cleaning my roof was impossible, Eavesexperts came and did the job in just over an hour. They did the job, cleaned up the work area and gave me an extremely fair price. Many companies get 5 stars for doing an average job; eavesexperts really deserves 5 stars and more! Thanks guys!

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I needed to remove raccoons and patch my roof. They could not patch the roof, but they asked me to pay $158 for an inspection. That was not terribly useful. Charging inspection fees for making an estimate is dishonest. Most contractors, including Avenue Road Roofers, do not charge an inspection fee.

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Company Response

Thank you for your feedback and we are sorry we couldn't satisfy your needs. Unfortunately, because we are a pest company, we can't just fix a roof and not worry about any potential animals as well. We left a live-cage in hopes to catch the animal and gave you 2 separate quotes with differing methods and prices after our extensive inspection and follow-up conversation with you. Had you chosen our company, the inspection fee would have been built into the price as per policy. Thank you and we are happy your problem got resolved.