I needed my Macbook drive replaced, and my friend's completely dead Macbook drive replaced. I spoke to about 8 people who had various price ranges for the drives and I learned a lot of information in regards to the correct drives needed. On Homestar I had several responses in regards to an in-home service and I chose to go with Adam after he called me and sounded caring and professional. We agreed that he would buy the drives and the extra RAM for my friend's computer. However, it took almost 30 days for the drives to arrive and therefore Adam to show up at our condo. Once at our place, he knew what he was doing and installed both drives, cloned and upgraded my friend's computer to High Sierra. However, he couldn't install the RAM because he said he brought the wrong kind of RAM for her computer. He cloned my drive, and was also supposed to upgrade my computer to Mojave. The process was taking a while so he took a break and went to the Bay to get some jewellery for his wife. Things still were not finished with my computer, so he said he would be back the next day with the RAM, and to finish upgrading my computer. He even left his cloning stuff at our place. The next day he didn't show up and I texted him. He said he had an emergency and couldn't come that whole weekend. I also had to work night shifts and for a whole week would not have been able to reschedule. After 10 days we made another appointment. This brought us to just after Valentine's day. Adam texted to confirm the next day appointment. On the day of the appointment, he did not show up. I texted him and he said had a family emergency...again! At this point I decided not to continue using Adam. I had finished upgrading to Mojave myself. My friend also chose not to upgrade the RAM. I discussed payment for the drives and asked for receipts for the cost of the drives. Labour for what he had already done was priced at $150. However, Adam was only able to provide a receipt for one of the drives, and couldn't produce one for the other Macbook. He sent us various links to how much a drive for my friend's MacBook should cost, but for all we know he could have gotten the drive out of an old Macbook and put it in hers. Although he had brought the boxes for the drives, they had no price on them. Long story short, Adam does know what he is doing, but is very unprofessional in how he goes about it.

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We received a new dryer from the rental management company for the owner of our condo, but the person handling the transaction failed to pay for the removal (or installation) of the old dryer. The onus was then on us to get rid of the old dryer. Junk Canada Removal was more reasonably priced than one of the leading junk removal places in Toronto. Tim was also more direct in his contact and called me after the initial Homestar's message. I was able to have a condo-sized dryer removed from the 10th floor of my condo on the specific date and time I asked quickly, easily, and professionally.

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Many thanks for the review. Happy to help out.


Buona Furniture (Richmond Hill location) delivered to us on June 1st 2016 a defective white leather sectional. The paint started to fade on certain areas of the couch after a few weeks. We first noticed the fading June 20th 2016. When we made them aware of it, they sent out an employee to inspect the couch. He verbally said it was a manufacturers defect in the painting of the leather. We waited for weeks to hear if we were going to get a replacement and were told various excuses. Brian, from Buona said they would be willing to repaint the leather, but not replace the couch. He basically blamed us for wearing out the couch after just a few weeks and said by repainting it he would be doing us a favour. When the movers came to take the couch back to "repaint" it, I tried to have them sign an agreement to what was going to be done. They took a picture and sent it to Brian, who told them not to sign it. He then said the couch was only going to be evaluated, and "we'll take it from there". He refused to answer whether he was going to fix the couch or not. We declined to have the couch removed and again wanted a replacement. We had our own paid evaluator from Furniture Medic come and assess what was wrong with the paint. He put in writing that it was a manufacturers defect. We sent the document to Buona and called and spoke to Brian and he did nothing about the situation. We then wrote about the defective product and the terrible customer service to the Better Business Bureau, and it took 22 days for Buona to respond to the complaint. They said they were "working on it" and that we had put a "hole" in the couch. It is now Aug 31st 2016 and Buona has not been in contact with us all month. Buona is a disreputable and untruthful company. We regret doing business with them and are now pursuing other options in order to get our money back.

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