Excellent service and workmanship. We had our 40 year old chimney repaired --- of course we couldn't find bricks to match the original chimney, so you can tell it's been repaired when you look at it, but Top Hat did a very good job of finding modern matching brick. The workers were polite and prompt - they came back and checked the chimney when we had some water come in through the chimney (it was an unrelated problem), and I have to say that we got a great job for a fair price.

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I love this company and recommend it to anyone I know. Although it is not cheap, you get great service and a great product, exactly as specified, but the end result is better! We have hired them twice in the past and are looking forward to a new project next spring.

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I'm not really sure that we weren't oversold on what we needed. We had sinkholes around the window well and it was all clogged with dirt and debris. Inside Ottawa Structural found a tiny little crack and convinced us that if we didn't have the foundation waterproofed, that this crack would eventually cause problems. I have no idea whether this was true, but it was going to cost 2500.00 just for the new window well and 4000.00 for the whole job including the waterproofing, so we went ahead and did the whole job. Seems like a lot of money for a new window well. We also called in April and the job was done in December, so not exactly prompt. The guys did not do a great job in December as the ground was already nearly frozen and we'd had a huge dump of snow, so they had to come back in spring to redo parts of it. On the whole, not a terrible, but not a great experience.

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