James came to rescue us after the big wind storm hit Toronto this past May. We are a community of over 30 townhomes and multiple units had shingles blown off with exposed bare wood. James came promptly to temporarily patch our roof until he coukd schedule the full replacement for all of our units. He still took his time to explain the work that needed to be done and did not try to gouge us on price despite the emergency situation. He has one of the best customer service focused attitudes compared to other roofers in the business and even when there was an issue to work through (we changed our mind on the skylight model last minute) he was great to work with and made the necessary accomodations. He and his team are very hard working, they clean up the job site every day and they do not outsource any jobs so I highly recommend.

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We got a quote over the phone based on rough measurements from by the owner for $1800 with installation and then I came in the next day to pick out the colour. The salesperson gave me a different price for the same rough measurements of $2100 but said the owner would come by to measure and confirm the quote. They insisted I pay an $800 deposit to reserve my desired installation day and told me it was refundable if I didn't agree with final price. They came to measure at my house the same day I paid the deposit. When they measured at my house they told me I actually needed less material only $1850 but because it was less now they had to charge me $200 delivery fee when it was supposed to be free. I got upset about them trying to charge a fee that wasn't agreed upon and asked for my deposit back (still the same day nothing had been ordered yet). They then tried to say it was a $150 administration fee for the refund which is outrageous. I told them we were coming for our deposit back and that was it and they still ended up charging us $25 fee supposedly for the debit machine charge. They are dishonest and should be ashamed and have lost all future business with my contractor!

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