Moved in to a new house and was looking to get the both back and front yard landscaped. The backyard was somewhat of an odd shape to me and I had absolutely no idea what to do with it. After searching for a landscaper I felt APS Landscaping was a good fit. I met with them and gave them my wish list. Shortly after they had a design drawn up and got started. I have absolutely no regrets! I was walked through every stage of the landscaping process and everyone was polite and kept things clean during the process. The final outcome is more than what I could have imagined. Thanks to Troy and the team for making this experience such a positive one!

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Val, Thanks again for entrusting this project to us. I know there were some concerns at the beginning with bad experiences from contractors in the past. Im glad our team was able to provide you with a design and install it all to your expectations. The yard turned out great and we are thrilled that you are happy with our services!


Chose Daytona to build new home because of the practical layout. Sales people were awesome...but don't have words to describe the poor workmanship. Don't bother complaining to this company...they will just give you empty promises. It's best I just give a list of what is went wrong with this home or I will not have room to write... 1) back closet is full of frost in the winter 2) hose bib burst ( no fault of mine) and ran into my (finished) basement 3) dishwasher not installed properly and leaked, ruining my floor 4) pipes under sink started to leak leaving me with water damage (again) in my basement...this is after I reno'd it from the first water damage 5) I have repaired my hot water tank and furnace within the first 2 years 6) Front veranda never received it's second coat of paint and finally 4 years later they will come do it and fix the deck boards that were layed too close together preventing drainage (at least they say they are coming) 7) I was promised at time of possession that Daytona would wash down the dirty house but that never happened 8) I have had siding repaired because Daytona thought it was OK to use damaged siding 9) Sod on the one side of yard was never laid right...ground is so soft you will sink Unfortunately, a lot of these things were discovered after "1 year" so Daytona will do nothing, and fixing the latest water damage is out of my pocket seeing it is not worth using insurance 3 times in one year. From what I hear from other Daytona homeowners, my problems are not uncommon. This company cuts every corner it can get away with...and they get away with a lot!!! My suggestion...STAY AWAY!!!! This company should not be allowed to continue operating!

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