Better Contracting Services was one of 2 companies who came to provide a quote for replacing the shingles on my roof. Debbie was friendly and quick to book the appointment, and Josh was very knowledgeable, staying over an hour with me to explain the work that was going to be done. Their price was higher, but I felt I would be getting good value. A month has now passed since the roof was done, and I am happy with the new roof. Unfortunately, the work crew cut a few corners that completely marred my experience with this company. We discovered, upon looking into our attic afterwards, that the crew had failed to reconnect my bathroom fan ducts to the exhaust vent (they didn't even install a collar that would be required for this connection to be made), thus venting humid air directly into my attic. Even after they corrected that problem, my bathroom vent still wasn't venting properly, and I ultimately had to climb back into my attic, move my insulation, rip through our vapour barrier, and dismantle the ductwork so I could clean out the shingle debris that they'd managed to drop into it, thus clogging it. In addition, our eavestroughs started overflowing when it next rained, requiring me to climb up to my roof to clean out the shingle debris that they had left blocking my downspouts. I don't think a home owner should be required to risk his life on a ladder or know how to disconnect his ductwork to clean up after a roofing crew. Better Contracting was quick to bill me for my work, calling me first thing Monday morning for payment even though the foreman didn't come to do his final inspection until 2 days later. Fortunately, I discovered these glaring errors before I'd paid them and was able to hold off on payment until I was satisfied.

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I had 8 windows and 2 doors to my house replaced. The product and installation were well done, and I think we got good value for our money. However, the process and service aspect could have been a bit better: - Pricing was never clear. For example, the rep would write the price of the door and then, when we added a feature, write a new price OVER the old price (instead of listing the price of the feature on a separate line). You couldn't tell what the individual prices were, or which features had already been included in the prices. - The rep who measured my windows ruined the paint on my wall. If he'd had warned me that he needed to pry off the trim to take measurements, I could have made a point to protect the paint. He also insulted my "old and ugly" awning. - I was first told the windows would take 5 weeks. When that had passed, I called to inquire and they changed the story to 13 weeks. I would have appreciated accurate information up front. - The installers started walking around my house and setting up in my backyard before knocking on my door. It's a small thing, but introducing themselves first would have helped with the first impressions. - Their workers really shouldn't smoke on my property without my permission. Otherwise, the windows themselves are great and they responded to questions promptly. I had 2 follow-up service calls that were required to finalize the installation, but neither of those were much trouble. Worth keeping this company on your list if you are considering new windows.

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I needed some branches trimmed away from the house and called the same company my neighbour used. When the gentleman arrived to provide the quote, he also identified one large branch that was bound to break off if not cut back. Those two tasks combined came out to be less expensive than what we'd envisioned. They said they'd come about 2 weeks later, but it took them 3 weeks. Otherwise, all the work was done as expected.

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We moved into an 80-year-old bungalow and wanted to update parts of the home. The big job was to change the layout of the bathroom: closing the 2 existing doors and opening a new one, moving the toilet and sink to different spots, and re-tiling the floor. We also wanted a closet door moved, and potlights & ceiling fans installed. The electrical service needed to be upgraded from 60A to 100A, and the kitchen wiring needed to be redone with additional outlets on separate circuit breakers. Chris and his crew managed to complete all of this and more within his 3-week estimate: he also added a laundry tub, extra heating vents, plumbing pipes and vent stacks. He provided us with regular updates on progress, and kept us involved with decisions that had to be made along the way. His crew had great personalities, making it an extra pleasant experience when they arrived every morning to start work. Always prompt and cleaned up at the end of every day. Even gave pointers on renovations I would be doing on my own. Overall, a 10+ experience. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

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