We had our oak floor sanded and varnished by this company believing they had the skill to do so.........THEY DO NOT. They are natural oak not prefab floors,perfect for refinishing. Should be not problems. However ripples from the bad sanding job now line every inch of them. Terrible to look at during the day especially. The refinished wood covers 3/4 of our main floor:( so the poor workmanship is in full view by us daily and all our guests who enter :( We’ve had many contractors/handymen in and out since we moved into our home, as we have done many upgrades. EVERY single contractor has that has come through my home commented on the poor job “Ricks “ has done. They all felt awful that we were suckered and left with this. My husband and I also feel awful we paid for a service (good money) to ruin our floor in our forever family home. I would love my money back at the very least....but reading the other reviews below it seems as though this was not a one time back luck for us. They really just are not qualified to do this work. As everyone else has the same disappointing story and bad workmanship. This was a few years back and I’m not usually one to write reviews but looking at it everyday makes me feel so awful. I just thought helping someone else avoid this mistake would at least save them from feeling the same disappointment :( Use a good reputable company. I learnt my lesson.

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Company Response


First of all I am sorry that you are dissatisfied with the outcome of the job.
Since this is from a ways ago, and we do over 150 refinishes a year, I do not know exactly what we’re referring to specifically here.

We have been doing refinishing for over 25 years. Most of our work is referrals through satisfied clients, and we are always happy to provide previous pictures of our jobs and references upon request at anytime.

Unfortunately, the only time you hear from someone is if there were/are issues with the existing floor, and usually in that case we keep the client informed at every step to let them know what they should expect when the job is complete.

We have also upgraded all of our sanding equipment recently and are using the newest technology to battle these common issues in regards to older floor installations.

Our main focus is to keep all of our clients satisfied, and if there were issues they should of been addressed before the job was completed, and there either would of been a rectification, or an explanation of the issues that were encountered.


Buyer Beware. I have dealt with many home Reno companies over the years, and this has had to be the worst and most frustrating experience I have ever had dealing with a company. They were completely rude and unprofessional. They were not accountable for their mistakes, and I was frankly disscusted with their behaviour and how I was spoken to. I gave them a 1 instead or a 0 because the actual window team that FINALLY came out was kind. I wouldn't reccommend them to anyone. There are many better window companies to choose from in Orleans.

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