Look elsewhere. We have been waiting over 3 months for Flavio to fix our sink - an easy job, however he always cancels or has an excuse. He fixed one of our faucets - the cost ended up being $600+ for the part plus his services. We would have been better off buying a new faucet. Not very professional in his business - if it's not a job he wants, expect to be strung along.

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Thank you for your feedback and taking time to write a review, however it's upsetting that you have misled people by leaving out very important details in your review.

Unfortunately due to Covid and following the safety guidelines there have been delays completing and accepting new jobs. I agree it did take a long time to do this job, but for good reasons. Our goal at Canada Wide Plumbing is to save our clients money and build a business relationship that will last a lifetime. During Covid the safety of our clients is number one. I will not put anyone's family at risk for money. During the time of this job there was Covid risk in my household and due to my exposure and guidelines, I informed you and all the projects I was working on that there would be delays. I would rather delay any project in order to protect you and any of my clients, than live with the guilt of continuing with the project and endangering you.

As for the cost of the service, this was all down to the type of faucet you had and the need for two trips to fix this. You have a high end $700+ touch faucet and I informed you that it could potentially be covered by a warranty saving you the cost of buying new parts. They are companies that would get the warranty covered part for free and then charge you for it. At Canada Wide, if we can get you the part for free we do not charge you. We do not push new product if we can save our clients money by servicing instead. I talked to the supplier and they said you had to be the original owner of the faucet for the warranty to be applied. They told me they had to deal with the homeowner. I gave you each other's info and you decided to go ahead with the negotiation and purchased the parts from them. I gave you all the options you had to fix the faucet and it was your decision to go ahead and purchase the parts from the company. As for the sink/vanity, you had an undermount sink that came off. It had to be scraped and cleaned and that takes time. I gave you the option to clean it yourself to save money or I could do for a fee. To do this properly it requires it two trips. One day to set epoxy and silicone support underneath and another to reconnect the drain. This work involves more time and should not be rushed.

My labour was $395.00 plus tax and not the $600 you mentioned in the review. I'm willing to show anyone reading this proof of my invoices.

I've been doing plumbing for over 30 years and I've worked for over 15 years building my reputation on HomeStars and I've got hundreds of reviews from my past clients, none of which corroborate with your experience .
It is disheartening to see someone attack your reputation when I was only trying to help you lower your costs and protect your family from the pandemic.

Feel free to give us a call 647-929-1972 if you have any further questions.


Great service from start to finish. Moved TV and speakers from one wall to another. They dry walled the areas left open by the old speakers too. Before leaving he walked through all connections to make sure they worked and provided me other recommendations to improve audio. Would not hesitate to use again. Very friendly and professional.

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Thank you for a great review, Amit! It was nice helping you w/ your project.
Integrity Team