Charged extra time without approval, charged for time when late, spent six weeks on the bedroom and refused to move on, items(cheques) were moved and difficult to find, refused to move into the basement until bedroom was finished, brought material BACK into bedroom after removed, so much it was difficult to get into bed, wanted to bring in a dumpster, totally unwarranted and unecessary, wanted to bring in air quality consultant, refused at first to work in basement because of air quality, wanted to send all clothing to laundry because of some moths found, made sexist comment about men bring involved as I was, did not respond to concerns I had expressss, lead didnot leave for emergency, understood she left to start competing business, replacement workday start opening packages of personal notes without first discussing causing stress, could not attend a session and returned to find a box of books marked for donation that we had not approved. We wanted a personal service that lived up to its promise and commitment of respect. We were highly motivated to get this work done which is why we persisted. It finally became so impersonal and stressful we stopped. It ultimately felt like a vioation in our home and the opposite of the experience we envisioned. My wife found Clutterbegone to provide help in organizing our home. After talking with Linda, I was 100% supportive and enthusiastic to work with her. Unfortunately, what promised to be a rewarding personalized service turned out to be a churning turnover of staff with distant supervision, becoming prohibitively expensive and corporate feeling. Linda arrived at the house, contract in hand and thereafter, hardly saw her again. Instead of having Linda working hand in hand with us, she provided not one, but two staff at a combined rate of about $600 for four hours. We committed to the project and it began with our full commitment. Over time, the benefit of continuity was lost due to frequent turnover of staff. Their rule, of not moving to any other area of the house until it was finished, became restrictive and ultimately a very expensive proposition. They refused to move on until the smallest of details was addressed, including sorting out my wife's jewelry. My request to move on to areas more in need were refused. Common sense in priorities was lost. Changes in staff resulted in changes in approach and, what started as a cooperative endeavor, turned, at times, to bullying. At one point a leader told me that men don't usually take an interest in furniture, responding to my involvement and expressed concerns about the need for a dresser. When Linda showed up, it was during working time, stopping work in progress as she spoke in platitudes, time we were paying for. We started with high expectations and it all sounded good. We were willing to pay a high price for progress. I looked forward to working with Linda. unfortunately, I was left feeling disappointed with a sense that Clutterbegone is about squeezing the most fees out of the client and that the process is stretched out and dragged out, not for the benefit of the client. Too bad, because we were 100% in at the start.

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