I was so sure I had been victimized by another company and I was very embarrassed. AAARoofmasters came and inspected the scope and quality of work that had been performed and produced a report and an estimate for me. Tyler was very polite and professional. He was very thorough and sympathetic and also produced his report with quality photographs. I will be using AAA Roofmasters to repair the shoddy work done by the first company I hired. As a senior, they have restored my faith in the industry and helped ease the embarrassment of being victimized. I would recommend this company especially to senior citizens who need a fair price for quality workmanship. Thanks Tyler!

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BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY! This company came and did both an exterior roof and attic cavity repair on my mother's property. She is a senior citizen and they charged in excess of $15,000 and they did not provide an itemized bill but said she could receive one from Head Office at a later date. When I called on her behalf and then started e-mailing Scott E, I was given the run around. The worst part of this story is that they originally quoted $904 then came back with a "you need more work done" for $4800 then again with "while we're up there, and the roof is open you need" for another $9700. Just as I read in other reviews here, they up-sell their products, or victimize their consumers where they see the opportunity may exist. I called a third party company to come and inspect the work done and also to provide me with a fair estimate on the scope of work they saw had been performed. I was told that the work by them was below industry standard and that they had created both leaking hazards on the roof exterior and ventilation issues in the attic cavity which needed to be addressed. Additionally, I was told that the scope of work performed, had it been performed to standard, should have cost around $4,000. We now have to pay almost $2000 to get the work fixed. Dealing with Scott is a nightmare. He is a professional dodger and is satisfied with victimizing senior citizens to fleece his pockets. A complaint has been filed with the BBB for this transaction and I am awaiting resolution. DO NOT CALL THIS COMPANY!

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