This is the second time Jacob and Rose came to clean the apartment my mother and I live in. I wasn't there the first time so I waiting until now to write a review. I stuck around while they cleaned after saying a quick hello and went off to do my own thing in the apartment- it was like I wasn't even there. And they didn't seem to mind my presence one bit! The deep cleaning was great- they just did what they needed to do after my mom left while I kept an eye on the place. They didn't ask me one question! Just how I like it because I don't really have any answers.... The place was immaculate after they left. My stuff was left undisturbed which is how I like it while my mom's stuff was put into order. These two own their own company so it is like getting a private cleaning lady in their service- they just do what needs to be done- with a professional demeanor and level of trust you get from a company... Best of both worlds! Look forward to seeing you again, I'll try to be more socialable next time! I felt rude just puttering off like that!

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I bought my bedroom set there 3 years ago.I remember distinctly asking the salesperson about the sturdyness of it- and he said it is super strong. Within 1 year the bed had fallen apart- the slats, the frame, everything. Within 2 years, all of the drawers in the dresser and in the 2 nightstands have fallen apart as well. The delivery people were rude and even though I had paid for set up had tried to get out of it. Honestly, in this range, just go to the other I store...

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So, first off, Marley is the pushiest sales person ever. I bought a 1000 dollar kitchen table set from her, and waiting for delevery one night in Dec, 2008. The table never came, and when I called she told me "this never happens. I'll check into it and call you back." She didn't call back, so I called her to find out what happened. She had no answer, but was rude and didn't seem concerned in the least. Then, I found out the next day that the table had apparently "broken on the truck." She offered me another table. I declined and told her I wanted a refund right away. She agreed and said she would do so on my credit card. Over the next month, she kept on telling me that it had been refunded to my credit card even though Visa had no record of it. She even signed a paper saying so- so she proving that she is not very business savy... as the refund was never done as verified by Visa. I contacted her daily for a month, and she kept on telling me that the refund had been done and she couldn't do anything without her "accountant" which is a common theme throughout these reviews... Finally, my father called in (a doctor) and told her that if I didn't have a refund in the next 24 hours, he'd have a lawyers letter sent. She then continued to call me a spoiled brat to my FATHER! (I'm in my young 20's, a working professional,) again proving her lack of business skills and intelligence. Finally I showed up to get my refund, which she rudely and bitterly did in front of me- except she did it 2$ short. What a petty petty person. STAY AWAY from these scam artists!

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