Nothing could be more devastating for new home owners than to be hit with a large, unexpected, and absolutely necessary home repair. This is what happened to us when our basement started to take on water during the great winter thaw of 2014. Fortunately, we came across the services of Ardel Concrete Services. We dealt primarily with Steve, who was extremely courteous and took the time to explain the ins and outs of the repair, as well as address any questions I had. Best of all, unlike other contractors that provided quotes, he did not pressure us whatsoever to make a decision on the spot. The quote was quite competitive, but we decided to go with Ardel largely based on the positive vibe we got. That intitution was correct, as the work was completed on time and on cost, with minimal disruption to our daily routines/activities. Their work was backed by a 10-year warranty. I would certainly recommend Ardel to others. This review was written by me and was unsolicited by the company.

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I hired Asbex to remove asbestos from duct boots on the main floor of a 1960s bungalow that we recently moved into. I decided to go with Asbex after O'Reilly Brothers said that they could not remove the asbestos without having to create holes in the ceiling of our finished basement. Asbex offered to do it from the main floor, without all those complications, and at a lower cost. I dealt with Troy for the consultations and Sebastien for the actual removal; both were very professional. The $750 (+tax) fee covered up to 12 duct boots, and we had nine. Almost 95% of the asbestos was removed and half of one duct was encapsulated. Would recommend.

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