These guys are AWESOME! We were about to paint the kitchen and had a colour tone in mind. While talking to my brother (a contractor) about our plans and our budget, he mentioned that he had about 2 - 3 gallons of very high quality paint left over from a job that sounded like the right colour. He brought the paint over the following week and, sure enough, it looked very close to what we had in mind. We painted a test patch and left it to dry. In the morning, it appeared dirty, dull and muddy on the wall. Given our budget, we were a little disappointed in the result and in an effort to see if we could salvage the paint, we took it to General Paint in Coquitlam. The folks listened intently to my description of the colour we had hoped this would be. I used etherial words like "cleaner", "crisper", "more open". The guys opened the paint and took it behind the counter. I watched in absolute horror as they dumped in about 2 - 3 "estimated" cups of deep oxblood pigment and re-set the lid. While the paint was being blended, I regained my composure. They were offering this adjustment without charge, to someone who hadn't purchased the paint from them in the first place. We cautiously took the paint, bought some brushes and tarps, and decided to trust the experts. It was absolutely perfect! Oxblood ... are you kidding? Certainly it's not something that I would try - but we are thrilled that they knew what to do. Because of their knowledge and exceptional service, we have continued to use General Paint, never question their advice, and fully appreciate all of the expert tips they have provided over the years.

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We were shopping for floor covering that we could afford, fit our lifestyle, and, because we are not in a high tax bracket, needed to last for a very long time. Because of our modest income, we are not prone to snap decisions. On 3 different occasions, we visited the same store and talked to 3 different sales consultants. On each visit, we received consistent information and no pressure. We were honest with each of the consultants, and told them that we were dealing with another sales person, whom we expected would receive the commission on the sale. It made no difference to the quality and quantity of help we received. The work was done on schedule and with absolutely no problems or overcharges. We were pretty happy with the quality of service we received, and with the fact that the product was scheduled, delivered and installed exactly as per our requirements. When it comes time to replace any more flooring, we would not hesitate to contact Nufloors first. G & C

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