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We had several windows and doors that needed replacing. Decided to start with the exterior door and screen door. Window medics provided the quote and we believed that would start asap as the cooler temps were on their way. After phone calls and emails back and forth, both door styles were changed because they could not find them in stock. Date to install came and the couple arrived to do the work. Turned out to be an all day project. They really didn't seem to know what they were doing. Even asked to borrow tools. The end result is pathetic. The self proclaimed finishing carpenter couldn't even line up the door frame and casing so there is a 1/4 inch gap showing. The casing and/or door shifts so much in between seasons that it catches and doesn't close on it's own. The seal is terrible and frosts up all winter. Not recommended. Waste of money on iyems that were supposed to help with energy efficiency and eventual resale value.

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We chose Reliance Superior to replace/install our furnace. A few months later we noticed that our thermostat was not working properly. Changed the batteries, but still could not properly maintain a temperature in the house. Purchased another thermostat and realised that we could not update it cause the third wire was never fed up. Contacted Reliance and scheduled an appointment to see what could be done. Technician called to say they were on their way and ask for a few details. A few minutes they called back to say that they probably would not be able to complete the work and an electrician would need to be called. If I still wanted him to come, it would be $99 for the service call, plus whatever charge for the electrician. I canceled the appointment. Pretty frustrating considering the appointment had been made a few days prior, and they tell me this when they were supposed to be on their way. Called another company. Found out that rather than running the third wire to update the thermostat, Reliance had installed a toggle switch at the furnace. Making it impossible to update our thermostat. Laziness? Set up for future business? Cost us another $150 to have it fixed.

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Company Response

I’m sorry for any frustration you may have experienced.


Phone customer service was responsive and friendly. Provided accurate and detailed information. Good business hours available. Storage areas are clean and well kept. Environmentally controlled was a bonus. Surveliance offers a secure and worry free environment.

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