We contacted National Star, Done Right and A. Clark to get an estimate. National Star did not return our phone calls or emails so we got quotes from Done Right and A.Clark. Done Right was considerably more expensive for the same shingles and same services. They also provided a quote for our neighbours and were twice the price of A. Clark! We both chose A. Clark based on price, and both were very happy with the service and final product. Paul provided us with the quote and was helpful and friendly. I was the one at home when Paul came to the house to provide the quote and I told him I might not be able to remember everything to tell my husband. He happily called my husband the next day and went over everything again! He gave me a copy of their insurance certificate and WCB certificate. The price quoted is not an estimate, it is the price. If they make a mistake on the quote they do not charge you more if it ends up costing more. You also do not pay any money up front, but only after the job is complete. After the quote it took awhile before they actually came out to do the work. I think there may have been a mix up at the office as our neighbours had their house done first even though we got the quote before they did. I did not care because we had not paid anything and I wanted to see the results of our neighbours' house first to make sure we hadn't made a mistake. The neighbours were very happy with the workers and with the finished product. We called A. Clark again and they finally came to do the roof. The workers were very professional and showed my husband how they had fixed our ice damming problem. The job was finished in 2 days and looks fantastic. I highly recommend A. Clark!

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Peter and Zeke were punctual and very friendly. As another poster noted, there was still some dirt in the vents and debris around the vents after they finished. They offered to vacuum around the vents when I pointed it out, but I just did it myself. Also as noted by another poster, I was quite surprised when I was charged extra for an electric filter when I had been quoted a price for a "furnace cleaning". You would think if there was an extra charge for an electric filter they would ask if you have one when you book the service. The real problem, however, was that they did not bring a long enough vacuum hose even though I specifically spoke to Diane about the need for a long hose when I booked the service. Because the hose was not long enough they drove off our driveway and onto our property without consulting me. In doing so, they drove over our septic tank cover and broke it. My husband was able to fix it, but when I called the owner, Diane, she refused to apologize and insisted it was not their fault. She said that their truck is difficult to maneuver and that in the winter they drive over things like "trees and bikes" all the time. She refused to offer any compensation or discount for the damage to our property. I would never hire this company again.

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