In the past I tried to fertilize and spot spray dandelions myself with questionable results...As such, I decided to give Green Drop a call. My lawn got a real boost to deal with the dry weather. The friendly and prompt service was a nice plus too. Lawn looks great..Thanks!

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An absolute disappointment! Epic was referred by our insurance company. I think they told the insurance company they could get it done, then got the job by doing a tiny portion (just to get it started) then coming back over the period of months to do a little bit here and there. Very sloppy.. Epic showed up without arranging a time, I came home to a driveway entirely blocked off by their truck and work trailer making it very difficult to walk around the narrow drive with our 1 year old. Worker would leave for days at a time and left a collection of bulky equipment and ladders in our driveway without even the courtesy of asking if that was okay. Seriously!? Who would think that was at all reasonable? Scrap pieces of sharp metal, staples and nails were left in the driveway as well when they left..I called the company and asked that they come and clean it up...two days later it still wasn't cleaned and it is now snowing...thus covering all the tire puncture hazzards. I'm very unhappy as a result of the poor service, I think I'll go out in the snow and clean it myself... It's now been 3 months since I've signed off to get this job done and it is still not complete! Hopefully, others are lucky enough to read my review before considering Epic roofing.

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Company Response

Apologies for the delayed reply, and the disappointing experience. Of course, we are never pleased when we fail to meet our objective of quality workmanship and service. Thanks for your honest review. It will be passed along to our production department and I encourage you to contact your production coordinator with your concerns.