Value Do not use this company!!!! They send a technician that was extremely rude and unprofessional. He told me that he was going to fix my dryer and put new parts in, He actually didnt change any of the parts like he said he would the dryer was making excessive noise. He scratched my wall attempting to do Repair, He also left a sheet of paper close to the heater that couldve caught on fire. Since then I have contacted them and I have not heard back yet. Had to hire another company to do the repair extremely disappointed. Do yourself a favour and go with more of a reputable honest company.

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I would not recommend this company to anyone. I purchased a front door from Dustin for my home. He was very responsive to come by and collect the first deposit and that was it. We were getting stucco work done around the house and I did advised him of my timeline and he did say he was able to fulfil it. Unfortunately he is extremely unresponsive to phone calls, Deadline was passed. When he finally answered my phone call after calling number of times in a day and texting and emailing messaging him on Facebook. I get a message that installer is coming on the Sat, I then get a call that they accidentally cracked the glass on the door and need to reschedule. Being understanding of the situation I said no problem lets schedule for next week, Next week came and I was then told the installer got a heart Attack. Excuse after excuse . Extremely unprofessional and unresponsive after deposit is taken. I reached out to Dustin because the door that they finally installed does not lock. It looks like the door has dropped, I tried reaching out to Dustin and of course no response. Pay more and go with a reputable company that will respond and care about there customers.

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Company Response

Hello Mr black, this is Dustin Groskopf replying to your review personally. First off we would like to start by apologizing to you for not making this a smooth experience for you.

I just wanted to touch on the comment about my not responding to your calls. I have a full schedule of customers almost every day and sometimes I am unable to answer the phone. I was receiving around 6-7 calls per day from you, but I always called you back the same day and replied to your texts as soon as I was free or inbetween appointments.

Also, when we took your deposit we put on the contract it would take 3-6 weeks to get your door installed. We had the door ready for week 3 but we unfortunately broke the glass and had to wait for it to be remade. You also mentioned we told you our installer had a heart attack which is completely incorrect. Unfortunately, our builder has epilepsy and occasionally can get some really bad siezures. My builder had a very bad siezure the day before your installation and wasn't able to put the new glass in the door, which we are really sorry for. All in all, even with all these delays we still ended up installing your door on week 6 and gave you a discount on the price even though we delayed do you a serious medical issue that was beyond anyone's control. However, we are still very sorry about the delay.

Lastly, in regards to the lock not locking properly. I received just one Txt from you on Saturday, July 16 @4pm. The doors section of the company we only operate Monday - Friday from 9-5 and are closed on weekends and I was away until Tuesday, July 19 morning (TODAY) with a family matter. When I got off the plane this morning I could see you had already left a bad review before I even had a chance to respond to your text message. Our office line reveiced 0 missed calls as well. Almost all doors require adjustments within 1 year of installation because the new door frame needs to settle into the old opening. We are now working on scheduling your door adjustment within 1-2 business days as I only received your message about adjusting the door today. Most companies have a 3-5 business day repair time so we are very quick in comparison to our competitors.

Again we are truly sorry for your experience and hope we can make it up to you. See you tomorrow for your repair!

Dustin Groskopf
Sales manager - Efficient Home Comfort