Our furnace wasn't working and it was starting to get pretty cold out. The first company we called out was awful, they left without doing anything and still wanted to charge the full price of the replacement. The second company we called (furnace & ac direct) was really informed and professional. They told us we needed to replace the boiler, they came back a few days later and did the whole job very quickly. We were so pleased because we were starting to freeze and our electricity bill was through the roof from using all of our space heaters!

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We had a rat come up through the toilet so we called them to come set up traps just in case. We were worried that it got in from outside. They were very professional, respectful and informative. He set up traps in the high risk areas and explained to us that the mice or rat will eat the poison and then go outside for air, and assured us we wouldn't need to clean out any traps.

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