We selected Somerset to gut and renovate our Toronto house. We are very happy with the result and with their ability to keep things moving continuously and getting us back in our home within days of the anticipated end date. The quality of the work was top notch – and was apparent even before the drywall and finishings went up. Best of all, everyone was very easy to work with: both Graeme and Sandeep on the Somerset side, but also most of the sub-contractors I had occasion to interact with. For the majority of those sub-contacted jobs we went with Graeme’s suggestions of who he’s worked with in the past, and where we did, the results were fantastic. Due to a permit situation, we had to cut this job in half and renovate the interior of our house first, and wait for a permit to do the exterior and an addition. Which means we could conceivably change contractors at this point if we weren’t entirely happy. But we won’t – we’ll gladly work with Graeme and Sandeep on the second phase of this project.

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Company Response

Blair, thank you for your kind words about Somerset, my staff and our sub-trades.
The most satisfying part of our job is to deliver a high quality project and ensure that you and you family are thrilled with the house and seeing it become a home, to enjoy for many many years to come.
We look forward to assisting you with phase 2 soon.
Graeme and all at Somerset


[EDIT] 310 did make good on the promise below to send someone back to fix things. The work were more extensive than we expected, but we're very pleased with the final result. The shower tiling was redone and looks much better, plus a nice backsplash was added. The plumbing was redone as well and everything looks good. The process to get here was long, but in the end, it's the final result that counts. [/EDIT] Our renovation didn’t fit with the bulk of the reviews here, and it’s difficult to understand why our job went sideways. While it’s clear that 310 does have a vast amount of experience, we saw neither expertise nor care during the execution of our project. Originally the contract to gut and renovate the bathroom was estimated at 2-3 weeks. By the end, we called it a day at 8 weeks, but we’re still finding things that weren’t done, or were done poorly. I think the main problem was that there was no planning stage; planning being the stage where we discuss what the final product is, and is separate from the contract stage where we discuss what major items the job includes. We brought this up, but were told the job was really too small to require it. In the beginning it proceeded well with good communication and while progress was slow, we were happy. However, by the time it got to finishing, things went south very quickly. Items we’d carefully selected and paid good money for weren’t shown care, items were broken (replaced by 310, but having to be special ordered), and the lack of a good plan became really evident. We did communicate with the 310 mothership, but the course did not change. My own assessment is it got to a point that no one was happy about the job and because of that we were getting poor work. The final product looks good at a glance, as you can see in the pictures, because we spent good time and money choosing nice fixtures and cabinetry to go in. However the installation finishes are lacking. Mosaic tiles are crooked, grout is cracked, caulking is peeling (applied to dirty surfaces?). We hired 310 hoping that by contracting an all in one rather than hiring the trades individually we’d get them as a first line of defense in quality control and a central location for expertise. It would have been cheaper to hire the trades individually, but the spread over this would have been worth it if the job was well supervised and had a good outcome. This was not the case, and there was a lot of shortcomings. Vent fans were blowing attic insulation into the bathroom. Cabinet doors drilled and installed backwards (after a long discussion to get them installed at all). Each of these is a small item for me to fix, but it’s frustrating to have to do so after shelling out 12K on labour in a small bathroom. Things like the crooked mosaic tiles may never get fixed. As I said, I was happy with the first half of the job, but it’s the second half that sits visibly on the surface. We’ve always done careful research in deciding on a contractor and have never had this type of experience. Contrary to most of the reviews here, I don’t think we saw anything approaching what should be expected for this kind of money.

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Company Response

Hello Blair,
Thank you for taking the time to provide this feedback.
First, I would like to let you know that I am in agreement with your disappointment with what seems to be deemed a final product as I would not be very pleased myself if this was considered a final product in my home.

By no means do we plan to leave the current deficiencies as your final product. As you already know we were unable to do a final management inspection prior to collecting the final cheque due to conflicting schedules and you being out of town at the time. Collecting a final cheque from your mailbox and not being able to sign-off on the project with you face to face is the only reason the bulk of errors are still as they are.
We always require a final Project Management inspection of the work and this didn't happen.
If the Project Manager had seen these items, they would have been addressed without a question.

There was a lot of confusion with regards to your expectations on this project with regards to design services and relocation of fixtures, and this was a cause for some confusion and timeline expectations during the project. Squaring up the bathroom by shimming it by 2" on the one end coupled with wall mounted vanity faucets and built in medicine cabinets are not standard typical removal and re-install items (without specific mention) for most bath reno companies. We know there was confusion about this; yet we did install these items without adding any extra charges. We will try in the future to be more clear on design services and fixture relocation issues.

All in all, you are not a satisfied and happy client at this point and this is not how we leave things. We will do whatever we can to amend this.
We are currently working on finalizing the plan for an efficient fix to these install issues and are confident you will see a final product and beautiful bathroom you can be proud of.

Sorry for the annoyance and inconvenience; we will make it right and we will be in touch.
310RENO Management Team


We used firemen after a bad experience in moving my in-laws last year. This time, the experience couldn't have been better. Everything was moved carefully and quickly to our new house. Jim was in charge of our move and he, and everyone we dealt with, were very professional, on-time and didn't stop moving for the entire day. They estimated 8 hours, came in 20 mins over and charged for 8 hours. (The 20 mins over was probably due to struggling with a couch and a doorway, so easily excused.) I wouldn't hesitate to use them again.

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