We recently had a leaking joint under a sink in the bathroom. We called ACE to fix the leak. The plumber was here for about an hour and charged well over the price I would have expected to pay for a simple pipe replacement and valve installation. Having finished my basement myself and knowing what work was involved in replacing the pipe, we paid a very very high premium for this work to be done. While they did a very clean job and the plumber was professional, I cannot say that I would call ACE again without getting other quotes first.

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Platinum Inc. has been an excellent company to deal with. When we experienced water damage in our home, resulting from a leaky bathroom pipe, they handled the water damage to our home right away with professionalism & integrity. The estimate to clean up damages were within the actual end cost and the work crew was very respectful of our residence & very thorough during the whole process. Thank you Cristal for being friendly and helpful and thank you Steve for being accessible after hours if we had any further questions or concerns. In our opinion, we found no deficiencies in any way concerning Platinum Inc. and we highly recommend them to other homeowners should similar circumstances arise. Platinum made dealing with a distressing issue much easier to cope with.

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