Mega Roofing gets full marks from me! I am very particular about work done on my home and expect professional workmanship, attitude and integrity from any company offering services. Mega Roofing provided all of that + more. The tradesman was easy to talk to, listened well and made sure he had a full picture of what we needed. And he offered several solutions. Great problem solving! I was sure I wanted to go with them for that reason alone. So, I asked for a quote. The quote came in at almost half the price of others. So I agreed to proceed. I asked if they could possibly deliver early so I could avoid a potential flood. They said they would. Then an issue came up preventing that making them only 1 day late. They called, apologized and insisted on giving me an additional 23% discount for my inconvenience. I said they did not need to do that, but they insisted. Once they arrived they did a better job than any of my other gutters and down spots! So, don’t waste your time on anyone else ... these guys are the real deal!

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Company Response

Thank you SO much for such an amazing review :) It really was a pleasure to serve you, and your kindness and patience is very much appreciated. Please never hesitate to contact me should you have any concerns or questions what so ever :)