Excellent price, sales and service. We got a beautiful hot tub. Loved our salesman Seth who is always there to answer any questions we have and they have excellent delivery people who went above and beyond. Only negative would be to speak to their delivery co-ordinator right away, because they don't order the hot tub until you speak with her. We weren't told this and had to wait an extra month for our tub.

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HORRIBLE Installation. Please go elsewhere. 2 seams when we were told during measurement to our face that 1 was possible. HUGE seams, much larger than industry standard. 2 chips around sink. Repairs were done, very poor workmanship. Zero customer service. Please check out the BBB which this company says they do not participate with. No wonder.... Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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Company Response

customer had many personal issues,
took us to court to resolve, but never showed up.
would not let us back to do a minor repair.
we have emails were they accepted the install as acceptable.